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 Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital welcomes you to our website!


The doctors and team at Star of Texas believe you should be as much a part of your pet's care as you want.  We have an open door policy; we allow and encourage you to come in and tour the hospital, meet our doctors, visit your boarding or sick pet, and even watch your pet's dental procedure.  We welcome you to feel comfortable and at home in our hospital.  Even if you are not a client of ours, please feel free to stop by for a tour and to meet our wonderful team!

How to take a better picture of your pet

About 62% of all households in the United States have a pet.  Proud pet-owners just love taking photos of their furry companions, but there are a few things to know when trying to capture the perfect snapshot.


Soft sounds: Your pet can be sensitive to sounds. If you are trying to catch your pet‘s attention for the camera, use soft and subtle sounds such as that of a little ball of paper instead of loud squeaky toys.

Natural Lighting:  You should try to use good natural light or work to illuminate an indoor setting as much as possible.  Choose the brightest part of the day, noon to 3pm, or have your subject close to the light source and take advantage of all the beautiful lighting.  Or back them off from the source add a sheer window cover and diffuse the light tor a softer look.

Rule of Thirds:  The basic principle behind the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts.  The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally.

Play! The best shots can be captured when you make the photography session a fun-filled experience for yourself as well as your adorable companion.  Let your pooch or feline do the work!  Follow them and see  where they go and what they do.

Low Angles:  Rather than taking a picture ten feet away. go macro and get down to their eye level for shots that fill the entire frame. lt is rare that your carefully posed pet portraits turn out to be the best.


 Flash: When doing pet photography, it is imperative to avoid the use of the flash because it is always going to create the unwanted 'red-eye' syndrome.  This ruins a shot and can also greatly upset the animal because of the intensity of the light in their eyes.

Loud Sounds: Your four-legged furry creatures, especially cats and dogs, have excellent hearing capabilities which is why they get startled at the sound of the vacuum cleaner.  Don't start off immediately clicking pictures by shoving the camera into their faces.  They might just go away. become restless, or shy for the rest of the photo shoot.

Do you have a great shot of your pet?  Share it with us by emailing it to us or post it on our Facebook page!

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We are Cat Friendly Certified!  

We are 1 of 5 hospitals in Austin and were one of the first in all of Texas to be certified!  We love all our patients, but sometimes, our patients get a little stressed out when visiting us.  This is especially true of some of our feline patients! We understand that cats often do not travel well, they sometimes do not feel safe when they are away from their normal home territory, and they are highly sensitive to unusual sights, sounds and smells. So, in conjunction with the American Association of Feline Practitioners, we have followed the strict guidelines to become a certified Cat Friendly Practice!

  •  We know that most cats prefer quiet and solitude and need to be handled gently and with care and respect in the practice.
    • We understand the unique needs of cats and have made veterinary visits more cat-friendly.
    • We understand how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic and caring manner.
    • We have appropriate standards of equipment needed to investigate and treat feline patients.
    • We meet a standard for the facility and care for hospitalized cats.

The Cat Friendly Practice program seeks to transform and elevate the delivery of feline veterinary care by:

  • Laying the groundwork for the delivery of care to the under served feline population.
  • Identifying trends and baseline species information essential for understanding cats.
  • Acknowledging the essential role of the cat owner in the veterinary visit.
  • Providing support to veterinarians and their teams to create a cat friendly practice environment.
  • Outlining strategies for introducing changes in the delivery of care that incorporate a better understanding of the cat?s distinct needs and behaviors.

We have been working hard to make Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital comfortable for you and your cat.  We have dedicated one exam room "Cat Only".  We have always had completely separate cat boarding area far away from the hustle and bustle of daily veterinary work.  Please drop by and ask to see our cat room and boarding! 






  Cat Room and Cat Boarding includes: Zen music, scratching posts, Feliway Diffuser, comfy beds, rug, tree, and other furniture to have a more home-y feel, cushion on the table top, treats, and catnip.  Cat boarding also includes plenty of peace and quiet!

We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet's health care. We treat your pet as we would our own. Our goal is to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery with compassion and an emphasis on client education. Our entire healthcare team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet owner.


At this site, you will find information about our practice philosophy, our services, helpful forms to assist you and an extensive Pet Medical Libraryfor you to search for additional pet health care information.

 Thank you for taking the time to read about our veterinary practice and the services we offer. We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please contact us at (512)291-1600 for all your pet health care needs.